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Clippers players praise coach Vinny Del Negro

Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and Jamal Crawford only have nice things to say about their coach.


Vinny Del Negro tends to get his fair share of criticism from the national media, but the one place you won't here a negative word about the Los Angeles Clippers coach is in the locker room.

NBC Sports has quick some interviews with Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and Jamal Crawford, with each singing nothing but praises of their coach. Crawford calls this Clipper team, "the most fun I've had since I was in high school, honestly."

The Clippers are definitely a fun team to watch. At 14-6 they are currently riding a six-game win streak and have paid dividends to the Clippers faithful -- posting a 10-3 record at home.

"As our team has adapted so has he," Blake Griffin said, describing the change the Clippers went from when Del Negro first took over and they were one of the younger teams in the NBA.

"It's a lot of teaching and a lot of coaching. Now, it is a lot more about managing time and managing players because we have so many veterans and so many guys with experience."

Paul says he thinks Del Negro has learned to trust the team more over time. Crawford agrees, saying he thinks Del Negro gives him a lot of freedom and trust while he is on the court.

"We have a good rapport. We talk about everything, he knows how to communicate with his players, and I love playing for him."

With the support of his best players in his pocket, it would take a resounding turn of circumstances for the Clippers to think about letting go of Del Negro.