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VIDEO: Clippers Highlights Behind Chris Paul Show Lob City Is Alive And Kicking

Before the season began, Blake Griffin made the comment that it would soon be Lob City as a member of the Los Angeles Clippers. It might have been youthful exuberance, but the Clippers are definitely starting to rock it up behind the efforts of Chris Paul, DeAndre Jordan, and the Slam Master himself.

After the jump, highlights of Blake, CP3, and DeAndre going at it in amazing fashion.

On this first pass, it's Mo Williams doing the lobbing up for Blake as Griffin swim moves past his man and goes skyward to the hoop.

(via NBA)

Then CP3 takes his turn running the fastbreak on what becomes a spectacular alley-oop to Griffin.

(via NBA)

Finally, Paul seems to draw all the attention to Griffin before slowing it down and running a precise alley-oop right up to Jordan for another spectacular finish.

(via NBA)

Don't expect this to be the last highlight reel if you're a Clippers fan.

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