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Blake Griffin Throws Down Monster Dunk As Clippers Lead Big

Blake Griffin just threw down a dunk so hard, my unborn children felt it. If there was any doubt the Clippers are attracting any audience, the reaction on twitter put that to rest. It was called everything from the best dunk of Blake's career to just simply "Oh. My. God". The crowd didn't even yell that loud, in shock over what they just saw. Here's video on youtube, though that will surely we taken down soon.

The gif courtesy of @bubbaprog:

And Deadspin has another look at it. The game continues, but this dunk seems all anyone can talk about it. It challenges some of our vary notions of the laws of physics. It creates a vacuum inside wich only that dunk and Blake Griffin's excess of testosterone can survive.

In a game that will be painted as a statement game for the Clippers, Blake Griffin just made a statement of his own.