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Clippers Vs. Raptors: Caron Butler Returns To Lineup And Has Big Half, LA Up 49-37

The Los Angeles Clippers lead the Toronto Raptors 49-37, and they're lead by returning forward Caron Butler. Butler leads the team in scoring with 15 points, but he's in good company with Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan also in double digit scoring. Jordan has already reached a double double, leading the team with 13 rebounds.

Staples Center erupted when Jordan threw down a one handed dunk in the first quarter. The call on the radio may have had it best:

Brian Sieman: "Ed Davis needs a toothpick to pick the leather out of his teeth! DeAndre with a facial!" Clippers game on KFWB 980 AM
1/22/12 12:44 PM

The Clippers defense was also big in the first quarter, holding Toronto 11 points. This is the seventh straight game in which Toronto has scored fewer than 20 points. Demar Derozan leads the Raptors with 10 points off the bench. This is probably the bigger issue for the Raptors, getting close to no production from their starters.

LA had the opposite problem, cooling as the bench players came in. Still, with Chauncey Bills already at nine assists, Jordan at a double double, and Butler contributing big in his first game back, the low scoring Raptors should have a great deal of difficulty coming back in this one.