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Chris Paul Injury: CP3 To Sit Against Raptors, Questionable For Lakers on Wednesday

Los Angeles Clippers guard Chris Paul continues to struggle with a left hamstring injury, forcing him to ride the pine on Sunday as the Clip Show take on the Toronto Raptors at Staples Center.

With Paul out, Caron Butler will return to the starting lineup this afternoon, who missed their last game against the Timberwovles with a hyperextended knee.

Head coach Vinny Del Negro noted the desire to err on the side of caution with his perrenial All-Star instead of rush him back into the lineup:

“We worked him out yesterday, he feels great but I think the smart, prudent thing to do right now is to give him a couple more days and a couple more work outs and a couple more practices,” Del Negro said. “It will be good for him that way, instead of throwing him out there. His minutes will be limited either way. He’s ready to go, but it’s more the doctor and trainer and my decision to bring him along at the pace we’re comfortable with.”

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