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Clippers Vs. Nets: Blake Griffin Double Double Helps Clips Avoid Late Nets Rally, Final Score 101-91

The Los Angeles Clippers withstood a late rally from the New Jersey Nets, holding out for a 101-91 victory. The Nets outscored the Clippers in the second and third quarters, whittling down the large lead the Clips amassed after the first quarter. They were able to draw even midway through the fourth quarter, but the Clippers got the momentum back as three starters finished with twenty or more points.

Blake Griffin wins player of the game honors, finishing with a double double. His 23 points and 14 rebounds were not only tops in both categories, but often came at the expense of Kris Humphries who had a terrible game. Ryan Foye lead the team with 10 assists, filling in nicely for the injured Chris Paul.

Given the way the game finished, the Clippers owe much to their hot start. Going on a 16-0 run at one point late in the first quarter, the Clippers had the Nets battling from behind out of the gate. Caron Butler had 15 points in that first quarter, he finished with 20 points and six rebounds.

The Clippers fell four rebounds short of their season high 50 rebounds they pulled down against the Lakers on Saturday. The Clippers had 14 offensive rebounds late in the third quarter, but only pulled down one after that point leaving them shy of their season high 17; also set on Saturday.

The Clippers won their first game in the teams' first stint of three straight games. They'll head to Salt Lake City to take on the Utah Jazz on Tuesday night, then return to Staples Center to take on the Dallas Mavericks who take on the Lakers tonight.

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