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Chris Paul Injury: Strained Hamstring Could Sideline CP3

Chris Paul strained his left hamstring in the fourth quarter of Saturday's win over the Los Angeles Lakers.

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The Los Angeles Clippers are trying to prove they're the best basketball team in Southern California, and performances like Saturday night's victory against the Lakers will go a long way toward confirming that.

However, they might need to go a spell without their elite point guard leading the way, as Chris Paul got injured late and game up gimpy on his hamstring. Dan Woike of the Orange County Register has the report.

Paul has struggled with injury before, so this should be nothing new for any basketball fan. Most importantly, with the Clippers playing three games in three nights, this is probably the perfect time to rest their superstar and get him ready for the rest of the season. Injuries could very well decide the NBA championship, so the Clippers are better off not taking any chances.

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