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Clippers Star Chris Paul Receives Ticket For Not Going Hands-Free

The Los Angeles Clippers dealt for superstar point guard Chris Paul before the 2011-12 NBA season began. You wouldn't think that there would be certain things about living in California that would be so very different from New Orleans. Apparently, however, at least one specific aspect of the California roadways was lost in translation.

Paul posted the following on his Twitter feed on Saturday afternoon:

Sooooooo I didn't get the memo that there is NO CELL PHONE talking in LA...#TicketAfterShootaround#DontKnowTheRulesYet
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I imagine it's a bummer to get a ticket right before a big game against your cross-town rivals. That didn't stop Paul from racking up 33 points and six assists as the Clippers bested the Los Angeles Lakers on Saturday night. Paul's rough day did continue, however, as he left the game in the final four minutes with a hamstring strain.

If Paul doesn't know about the California mandate against talking on your cell phone while driving, it would probably behoove Clippers fans to bring him up to speed as quickly as possible about some other state laws he may be unaware of, just for his own good. Like about mandatory coffee breaks and stuff.

On the other hand, perhaps it's for the best that another local athlete doesn't find out about our somewhat-relaxed drug policies. Just forget I said anything.

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