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Chris Paul Looks To Resurrect Los Angeles Clippers Franchise

Chris Paul looked like he was going to be in Los Angeles this season. He just ended up on the other team.

When Paul's trade to the Lakers fell through, he found his way to the Clippers instead. And suddenly this team is no longer a punchline in NBA circles. They're to be considered a threat as long as Paul is around. And if the Clippers improve on his watch, he's likely to stick around instead of heading out of town at the first possible opportunity.

Paul definitely doesn't want to be a rental for the Clippers. He's a competitor who values what he does on the basketball court. He wants to bring Los Angeles back to prominence and he wants that team to improve in a hurry.

Still, he won't commit until he's certain the team can contend. Sam Amick of Sports Illustrated reports.

Paul knows that as much as anyone. It's why he discusses his new life with genuine excitement, but is hesitant to profess a commitment too far into the future.

"We haven't done anything as a team yet," said Paul, whose Clippers were 3-2 at the time and 4-3 after Tuesday's loss in Portland. "We haven't gone on a five-game winning streak. We haven't done anything as a team to start thinking about how we're going to be in the future."

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