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Clippers Vs. Blazers Recap: Ugly Numbers In An Ugly Loss

The Los Angeles Clippers lost their sixth straight game at the Rose Garden in Portland, Oregon, while the Portland Trail Blazers improved to 6-0 at home with a 105-97 win.

The game was a rough one for the Clippers. They looked disjointed and sloppy on the court, making bad decisions and shooting just 44.6 percent from the floor, including 26.1 percent on three-pointers and 70.8 percent on free throws.

When going over the numbers for, I was surprised to see that the Clippers had 13 offensive rebounds compared to Portland's seven, but that really drives home just how ineffective the Clips were on scoring opportunities during Tuesday's game. "Ineffective" was the operative word in the game, as even the announce team noted the ineffectiveness of key players Chris Paul and Blake Griffin.

Griffin scored just 18 points in the game, his first outing this season where he failed to score 20 or more. He picked up the double-double by grabbing 12 rebounds, but was 9-for-17 shooting and missed both of his free throw attempts. Chris Paul had only 11 points and his team's net points while he was on the court were -8.

DeAndre Jordan had maybe the worst night on the court of all the Los Angeles players, with just four points, five rebounds and four assists. His play looked much worse than even those numbers would indicate.

It was not a complete wash, as Chauncey Billups and Mo Williams both had great games, looking even better when the rest of the team was so disjointed. Billups scored 19 points including two treys and made 7 of 8 free throws. His missed free throw in the fourth quarter was his first missed FTA of the season. Williams had 14 points but made key plays when the Clippers were struggling the most. Reggie Evans also looked great with his seven rebounds, sinking his only field goal attempt but missing his only free throw opportunity.

Caron Butler led the Clippers scorers with 20 points on the evening. Gerald Wallace of the Blazers matched him as top scorer with 20 points of his own.

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