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NBA Power Rankings: ESPN Ranks Lakers, Clippers In Top 10

The NBA season is in full swing and national pundits are adding their takes on where each team stands in relation to one another at this juncture in the season. ESPN's Marc Stein released his NBA Power Rankings yesterday and placed both the L.A. Lakers and the L.A. Clippers in his top 10.

Stein ranked the Lakers at no. 8, the same spot they were in last week. Even with a record (6-4) inferior to some teams lower than them, these are Power Rankings and Stein understands that the Lakers are a work in progress. He did mention though how Kobe Bryant's 276 points through 10 games ranks third all-time for a 33-year-old behind Michael Jordan's 288 in 96-97 and Bernard King's 298 in 90-91.

The Clippers still sit at no. 10 with a 4-2 record. No one really know what to make of the Clippers yet but they are finding ways to win behind the stellar play of one Blake Griffin. Stein, who openly has a man-crush on former Clipper World B. Free, brought up that Griffin is the first Clipper since Free in 79-80 to score 20 or more points in the season's first six games.

Top 10 for another week? Not bad L.A.