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Clippers Vs. Blazers Score Update: Clippers Hold 54-40 Lead In Third Quarter

The Los Angeles Clippers are hosting the Portland Trail Blazers in NBA action on New Year's Day. The Trail Blazers are currently undefeated and the Clippers are hoping to change that and even out their record at 2-2.

The Clippers already hold a sizable lead and are looking to be in good shape in this one. They took a 21-17 lead in the first quarter and held a 44-38 lead at halftime. Caron Butler and Blake Griffin have both scored in the double digits and Chris Paul, Randy Foye and DeAndre Jordan have all made significant contributions. Jordan has a double-double within reach.

The Blazers are only shooting 31.9 percent from the floor so far in this one. LaMarcus Aldridge and Wesley Matthews are leading the Portland scoring.

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