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Blake Griffin Dunked Over A Tiger While Trying To Star In A New Video Game

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Yes, Blake Griffin did in fact dunk over a tiger while trying to convince the producers of the video game RAGE that he should be included in the game. One would have to assume it's more like Kobe Bryant being in that Call of Duty commercial and less like the timeless 1989 classic Lakers versus Celtics.

Before watching video of the incident, which is much more impressive than the time the Los Angeles Clippers forward dunked over a Kia and not quite as impressive as the time he dunked over Timofey Mozgov, there are some things everyone is going to need to know.

In the video, Griffin also attempts lives in a tent while pestering passer-bys to sign a petition to get him in the game, uses a microphone to accost a UPS driver, dons one of those ridiculous motion-capturing suits with the tennis balls on them and then dunks over a moving tiger.

If that doesn't make everyone want to buy the first-person shooter, there's no telling what will. However, it almost assuredly makes people want to watch the video rather than read about it so that is included after the jump.