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2011 NBA Draft Lottery Odds: 10 Percent Chance Baron Davis Trade Cost Clippers A Top Three Pick

The order of the top 14 picks of the 2011 NBA Draft won't be determined until May 17, when the league holds its draft lottery in New Jersey. However, with the regular season now concluded, we know what odds each team has for the number one overall pick, or the top three picks. The Clippers won the lottery two years ago, which netted them Blake Griffin. This year, their pick is in the hands of the Cleveland Cavaliers, thanks to the Baron Davis trade.


At the draft lottery, there are three drawings of ping pong balls, one for each of the first three picks. After that, the picks are seeded in reverse order of record. The Minnesota Timberwolves had the worst record in the NBA, at 17-65, so the worst pick they could receive is the No. 4 spot. The Clippers had the eighth-worst record in the league, so the worst pick the Cavs will get from the Davis trade is No. 11 overall.


The Cavs have a 2.8% chance to receive the top pick with the Clippers' pick, and a 10% chance at a top three pick. For full NBA draft lottery odds, be sure to check SB Nation's draft coverage.


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