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Clippers Vs. Wizards: Blake Griffin & John Wall Meet Again

The Los Angeles Clippers are in search of their fifth win in six games tonight as they face the Washington Wizards at Verizon Center in Washington DC. This is the first meeting of the season between the two teams, so it's the first time Blake Griffin will face John Wall. The last two number one overall draft picks are the two favorites for Rookie of the Year -- with Griffin a lock to win the award -- but this isn't the first time they have shared the court this season.

At NBA All-Star weekend in Los Angeles, Griffin and Wall teamed up to lead the rookies to a victory over the sophomores in the Rookie Challenge. Wall and Griffin made beautiful music together, with Wall taking home MVP honors while also feeding Griffin quite often. Griffin had 14 points in the game -- just the start of his full All-Star weekend -- on seven dunks, with none more memorable than this Wall-to-Griffin masterpiece:

Tonight's 4 p.m. PST game will be televised by Prime Ticket.

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