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Clippers Vs. Hawks: A Look At The Clippers' Road Trip

Tonight's game at Philips Arena against the Atlanta Hawks is the start of an epic road trip for the Los Angeles Clippers. They won't play another game at Staples Center until February 25. Their 11-game road trip is broken up by the NBA All-Star break, so this first leg of the trip is eight games. The 14-day trip began Thursday, and the Clippers will log 6,510 air miles throughout the trip that will see them play several playoff-bound teams at the start of the trip:

Clippers Eight-Game Road Trip
Date Opponent Record Playoff Seed
Feb 4 Atlanta 31-18 4th (East)
Feb 6 Miami 35-14 2nd (East)
Feb 8 Orlando 31-19 5th (East)
Feb 9 New York 25-23 6th (East)
Feb 11 Cleveland 8-41 15th (East)
Feb 13 Toronto 13-37 14th (East)
Feb 14 Milwaukee 19-29 10th (East)
Feb 16 Minnesota 11-37 15th (West)

The Clippers are 3-15 on the road this season, and have lost four straight games away from home. However, against the Eastern Conference the Clippers are 2-2 on the road so far this year. There is a chance the Cavaliers will bring a 26-game losing streak, which would be a new NBA record, into their game with the Clippers next Friday. Those first three games are brutal, but the final five games before the All-Star break are winnable contests for the Clippers.

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