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2011-12 NBA Schedule: Clippers Christmas Caper Opens Casual Slate

The Los Angeles Clippers announced their official 2011-12 schedule, which will feature home games against the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat. The Clipps will host two of the three match-ups against the Lakers, and have several games on ESPN to open the schedule. The Clippers are not scheduled to play on ABC this season at this time.

While the Lakers will get five games in before New Years, the Clippers are taking it slower. Their road trip extends to San Antonio, where they'll take on the Spurs, before heading back for their home opener on December 30th. The first Laker-Clipper game of the year will be January 14th.

The Clippers bookkeepers are certainly happy with the way that affected their series with Miami. The Clipps will host the heat on January 11th, without the expense of a return trip to Miami. They'll also host a game against the Boston Celtics without a return. The only game against the New York Knicks will be at the Madison Square Garden to close the season.

There will be three Laker-Clipper games in total, and the Clippers host two of the three. (Jan 14th, March 4th, Lakers host January 25th). The season series against the Sacramento Kings is also a three game series, with two games in Sacramento. The many of the other Western series' are four games, including the Phoenix Suns and Golden State Warriors.