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NBA Schedule 2011-2012: Clippers Home Schedule Leaks

As with everything right now, the following is unofficial. But it still gives us some good early insight into the prospects of the Clippers season by taking a look at who they will play against at home this season. The official NBA schedule will be announced at 4 pm PT on NBATV so at that time, we will all know for certain who will be trying to prevent the Clippers from sneaking into the playoffs on the broad shoulders of Blake Griffin.

From the looks of the home schedule, it looks like from February 3 to March 10 only has four home games. That's a 37 day stretch. Ouch.

The Clippers do get visits from the Milwaukee Bucks, Chicago Bulls, Boston Celtics, Atlanta Hawks, Miami Heat, New Jersey Nets, Detroit Pistons, Toronto Raptors and Washington Wizards from the Eastern Conference. It's worth noting since due to the shortened season, teams from different conferences will no longer be playing each other twice. Some will, some won't and it could be the difference in a lot of team's seasons.

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