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Clippers Vs. Warriors Score Update: Clippers Lead 24-20 After First Quarter

The Los Angeles Clippers are in Northern California tonight to launch their 2011-12 NBA season. The Golden State Warriors are playing at full strength after a week of speculation that Stephen Curry would not be able to play. After one quarter of play is in the books, the Clippers hold a 24-20 lead.

The Warriors took it right to the Clippers, putting up a 12-6 lead early before quieting a bit. Curry appears to be moving around very well, scoring two points and picking up an assist.

The Clippers are seeing contributions from all of their key players. Caron Butler has three rebounds and one point. Chauncey Billups is leading all scorers with seven points. Blake Griffin has six points, a rebound and a steal.Chris Paul has five points and two assists.

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