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Clippers Vs. Lakers Video: DeAndre Jordan Receives Lobs From Chris Paul, Blake Griffin

The Los Angeles Clippers have Blake Griffin, who is one of the  most spectacular players in the NBA. But it was DeAndre Jordan who won the "Lob City" challenge on Wednesday night at the Staples Center. Jordan received a big pass up high from Chris Paul (as expected), but also got one from Blake Griffin (a little bit unexpected).

Check out the video of Jordan rocking it up high after the jump!

(via ClipperClipz)

(via DrakesUnibrow)

Griffin and Paul will get most glamour on this team, but Jordan deserves his props too. He'll be one of the crucial finishers on this team, and his defense will be key on the inside to make the Clippers a championship contender. There's a reason the Clippers kept Jordan around when the CP3 trade was made, and he should be around for years to come in LA.

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