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Lakers Vs. Clippers: Clippers Scoring Run Changes Game

The game has shifted decidedly in the Los Angeles Clippers' favor, as the Los Angeles Lakers had nothing coming out of the locker room and the Clippers turned up the heat to take a ten point lead into the fourth quarter; 83-73. The 19,060 on hand to watch the game, another sellout, saw a third quarter similar to the one of Monday. The Clippers are a great fast break team, and the Lakers keeping turning it over. 

DeAndre Jordan, Blake Griffin, Mo Williams and Caron Butler are all in double digit scoring. Center Jordan has had trouble dealing with Andrew Bynum, but his 14 points and 6 rebounds (and especially his lob dunks) have made up for it. Blake Griffin leads the Clippers with 20 points and has been creating offense with six assists. Chris Paul has lived up to his reputation with 9 assists, including a lob to Blake Griffin that got the Staples Center crowd off their feet. 

Andrew Bynum has been the focal point of the Laker offense without Kobe Bryan. His 23 points have keep the Lakers from being completely outmatched in a dismal third quarter.