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Lakers Vs. Clippers: No Love Lost In Preseason Game

The Los Angeles Lakers held their first half lead through the second quarter, and head into the locker rooms up 56-53. The six minutes of the second quarter were largely dominated by the play of Andrew Bynum, highlighted by an alley-oop from Derrick Fisher that Bynum slammed home. Not to be outdone, Blake Griffin had a nice slam off his own, but it was an alley-oop to DeAndre Jordan that changed the second quarter momentum in the Clippers' favor. 

Andrew Bynum leads all scorers, with 17 points in the first half. He's also pulled down seven rebounds and blocked two shots. With Kobe Bryant out, it's clear that Bynum has become the focal point of the Laker offense. 

Blake Griffin leads the Clippers with 10 points. The Lakers have dominated the boards, 22-13. The Clipper leaders in the rebound category are two players with three rebounds each. However, the Clippers have managed to get 9 fast break points off 10 Laker turnovers as Derrick Fisher became made some awful passes late in the half. The Lakers have no fast break points. 

The Lakers' biggest lead was 11 points, but the Clippers have been right there keeping it close the whole game. Even Bill Simmons remarked at how competitive things are at the Staples Center for a preseason game. The crowd has been enthusiastic the whole game as there seems to be a fair amount of local pride on the line.