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Chris Paul To Clippers: CP3 Talks Expectations, Excitement For Los Angeles

In front of a huge gathering of media members, season ticket holders and long-time fans, Chris Paul officially made his first appearance in Los Angeles as a member of the Clippers. Paul, one of the more charismatic guys around the league with his sense of humor and contagious smile, discussed his new teammates, expectations for the season, and more at the presser.

"This is way too much attention for me. This is not just my day; this is the Clippers' day," the All-Star point guard stated, "I think for me, personally, this is a humbling experience and I'm so grateful and thankful to be here."

Paul thanked the city of New Orleans for his time spent with the Hornets and vowed to continue his work in the community along with his young song. He also addressed the city of LA and what he plans to do as a Clipper:

"I'm so excited to be here in LA with this unbelievable franchise. There is so much history behind it and everyone knows Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan, who just signed his deal." CP3 also expressed his excitement to work alongside Chauncey Billups and to learn from head coach Vinny Del Nego.

Finally, as for what fans can expect from LA in 2011, "I can tell you we're going to work harder than any other team in the league. We will do so every day."

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