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Clippers Not Considering Waiving Chauncey Billups

According to Yahoo! Sports' Marc J. Spears on Twitter, the Los Angeles Clippers will not be considering waiving recently acquired point guard Chauncey Billups after trading for All-Star Chris Paul

And why would they? Having a guy like Chauncey Billups as your backup is a terrific idea. He's a proven veteran with great leadership qualities who brings a calm, steadying demeanor to a locker room full of up and coming twenty-somethings. Thats a plus-plus to me. Aside from Caron Butler (31), he would be the only other player over 30 on the roster, which obviously needs some veteran presence.

He also managed to hoble himself to 16.8 and 5.4 assists a game in an average of 32 minutes last season for the Nuggets and Knicks. Not bad for a 35 year old huh? Billups will be a great teammate, and great addition to this on the rise Clippers team. 

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