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Los Angeles Clippers, Eric Gordon Work On Contract Extension

The Los Angeles Clippers are making a lot of noise this offseason. They have young talent they want to keep (like DeAndre Jordan). They're making a lot of good moves to fill up their depth chart (like Chauncey Billups). They've tried to make a big splash and trade for a superstar (like Chris Paul) that could put them among the top playoff contenders, even though it's not clear whether the deal will be made or not. They're at least trying now, something they haven't done for ages.

The next step is to hold onto the brimming young stars they have in place. Eric Gordon is the guy they're looking out for.  Pedro Moura of ESPN Los Angeles reports.

The fourth-year player is eligible to sign a rookie-scale extension any time between now and Jan. 25. If no deal is reached by then, Gordon will become a restricted free agent next summer and the Clippers would likely have to match a substantial offer from another team to retain him.


"I've always looked forward to being on this team," Gordon said Tuesday. "We have a great team.

"I wouldn't leave here at all. I wouldn't think about it."

The Clippers have made sure that Gordon is a priority for them and appear to be unwilling to trade for Paul if he's included in any deal. They want Gordon around to pair up with Blake Griffin, and they're willing to make moves that'll ensure they're all in the same place next season as well. It's a good foundation to ensure long-term stability for the organization.

Considering that Gordon also seems willing to stick around, the Clippers should be in good shape to find something negotiable for both sides.

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