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Los Angeles Clippers Match DeAndre Jordan Offer Sheet From Golden State Warriors

The Los Angeles Clippers are making plenty of deals this Monday afternoon. First they nix the Chris Paul deal. Then they land Chauncey Billups, apparently to offset the loss of CP3. Now they're bringing DeAndre Jordan back. Adrian Wojnarowksi of Yahoo Sports tweets the following.

The Clippers have matched Golden State's offer sheet for DeAndre Jordan, league source tells Y! Sports.
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The Clippers matched Golden State's 4 year, $43M-plus offer sheet that includes a trade kicker, source tells Y! Sports.
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Jordan returning to LA makes the Clippers a very deep, young and talented team. If Billups does come into camp, he becomes part of a valuable team.

Unlike Billups, this doesn't mean Jordan plays for Los Angeles. This could be part of a sign-and-trade to land a bigger star (like Paul), and give the Clippers the pieces they need to revive trade talks and deal the players they don't mind losing while keeping a valuable star like Eric Gordon around.

However, Jordan's offer includes a trade kicker. This means that if Jordan ends up being dealt to (let's pick a random team on the board) the Hornets, then Jordan must be paid a bonus, and that bonus will count against the team that gets him--again, the Hornets. So it makes it a little unlikely that the Clips and Hornets would be willing to deal with Jordan since he'd force one side to give things up.

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