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Chris Paul Trade Rumors: Chauncey Billups Cannot Be Used By Clippers In Deal For CP3

For those wondering if the Los Angeles Clippers are using Chauncey Billups to try and put the pieces in place to make a deal for Chris Paul, forget about it. The current collective bargaining agreement would invalidate any such movements, particularly when it comes to players who were subjected to amnesty waivers.

Billups is terrific fit for Clippers. Amnesty rules don't allow him to be traded until after season. Clippers claimed Big Shot to play him.
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No. No trade of amnestied players until July 1. And Chauncey Billups will be a FA on July 1. RT @rafael_uehara: thnx. And can he be inserted in a trade?
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Basically, Billups is stuck under the current rules for amnesty. Namely, a player cannot be moved or play on a new team for the entire season. So Billups would not be available to be moved until after the season, by which time Paul will be a free agent and will be able to conduct his own search for a team, and Billups will be a free agent and be able to conduct his own affairs. So you probably wouldn't see a revival of the talks for CP3, at least when it comes to Billups.

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