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Chauncey Billups Claimed By Los Angeles Clippers Off Amnesty Waiver, According To Report

If the Los Angeles Clippers can't have Chris Paul, might as well settle for a reasonable point guard, right?

Chauncey Billups is on secondary waivers from the New York Knicks, which meant that if a team claimed him that was under the salary cap, they'd hold his rights for the upcoming season and he wouldn't be able to become a free agent until next year.

Apparently, the Clippers felt he was worth the move. Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports tweeted the following.

The Clippers placed a bid on Chauncey Billups, league source tells Y! Sports.
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So, Chauncey Billups doesn't get his wish to be a free agent. He'll play for the Clippers this season
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Chauncey does not technically have to play for the Clippers, particularly if he decides he doesn't like them. He has threatened retirement if he doesn't like the team that claims him. But if he did join up with the Clippers, he'd become the veteran leader of a young team that's threatening to make a leap to the top of the Western Conference with Blake Griffin and Eric Gordon as the cohorts. Lots to like for Los Angeles if this happens as the Clippers envision it happening.

It also does make you wonder who exactly the Clippers had to do to get under the cap and make this work out. Did they amnesty a player like Chris Kaman or Mo Williams? Did they decline to match DeAndre Jordan's offer sheet from the Golden State Warriors even when it looked like they were going to accept it? Many unanswered questions still remain from this whole process.

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