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Chris Paul Trade Rumors: The Clippers Chances Of Getting Paul Seem To Be On Life Support

As if the Chris Paul saga couldn't get anymore ridiculous, Yahoo Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski tweeted that the Clippers are refusing the New Orleans Hornets' steep asking price for Chris Paul and that "the deal could be dying."

ESPN's Chris Broussard also tweeted that he was hearing rumblings that the league - thus the Hornets - may have pulled out of Paul deal.

But TNT's David Aldridge cited a source in his own tweet that the deal was "close", but not yet done.

So basically, no one really knows what is happening with Chris Paul at this point. There were conflicting reports this morning on whether or not the Clippers' Eric Gordon was included in the deal and if Eric Bledsoe would be added to the deal. But with the way the Paul sweepstakes have gone, nothing is completed until, well, it's actually completed.

But like HOOPSWORLD's Eric Pincus tweeted, Stern better skip his trip to STAPLES Center this year if both the Lakers AND the Clippers miss out on Paul.

To be continued...