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NBA Schedule: Clippers To Play Warriors Christmas Day, Lakers In Preseason Games

The Los Angeles Clippers are getting ready to start the NBA season on short notice. They'll start off their regular season with a nice cross-state game with another high-scoring game.

The Clippers will apparently face the Golden State Warriors on Christmas Day in Oracle Arena in the finale of five games. Los Angeles will try and make their first real bid for the playoffs with Blake Griffin at the helm, and they'll be the Christmas night highlight. Both teams aren't known for their defensive prowess, so they should be lighting up the scoreboard.

The NBA preseason is only two games long and basically acts as a warm-up for the regular season, so most teams will be paired up by regions. The Clippers will face their arena mates the Los Angeles Lakers the week before Christmas on December 19th and December 21st, with a 7:30 tip on both occasions. It'll be nice to see pro basketball back in Staples Center just in time for the holiday season.

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