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Clippers Amnesty Clause Candidate: Ryan Gomes

The Los Angeles Clippers would love this NBA lockout to end, because there aren't any real trouble spots on their roster right now. Even if they got the amnesty clause from the new CBA, they don't really have anyone to use it on right now. Marc Stein and Chad Ford report on potential roster cuts for all 32 teams for ESPN, and can only find one pretty lukewarm candidate here. And of course it could depend on whether owner Donald Sterling would even want to do anything of this sort.

Many veteran Sterling-watchers don't even think he could have brought himself to use the amnesty provision on the since-traded Baron Davis, whose deal is far richer, so there's conceivably only one scenario that would prompt Sterling to pay Gomes to go away. And that's if matching an offer to restricted free-agent center (and Blake Griffin favorite) DeAndre Jordan gets so pricey that the Clips have no alternative. If Gomes' departure can create the sort of cap room that enables the Clips to re-sign Jordan and upgrade at small forward, that's when you'll see it. Maybe.

Kind of boring here. Gomes is someone who is likely to be a really big-time player for LA in the near future, and will likely be on his way out in the near future. But the Clippers might not be signing a replacement for him, so they'll probably stick with him awhile.

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