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Clippers Vs. Blazers: Blake Griffin, Eric Gordon Leading Offensive Resurgence

The Los Angeles Clippers are surging, winning 11 of their last 15 games, heading into tonight's game at the Rose Garden against the Portland Trail Blazers. Portland occupies a spot that Blake Griffin, Eric Gordon, and the Clippers want to have, the eighth and final playoff spot. The Blazers are five ahead of the Clippers in the loss column, so tonight's game will be a nice test for the Clippers if they want to continue their climb up the standings.

The hot play of late by the Clippers has been fueled by the offense.The Clippers scored 100 points nine times in their first 26 games, and had a 5-21 record to show for it. Since then they have scored in triple digits 11 times in 15 games (winning 10 of those 11 games), and have gone 11-4 in that stretch.

Clippers Offensive Improvement
Category First 26 Games Last 15 Games
Pts/Gm 95.6 105.9
Off. Eff. 102.3 113.0
Def. Eff. 109.0 107.2
FG% 44.5% 48.4%
FTA/Gm 27.0 28.1
3pt% 32.1% 37.3%
eFG% 48.2% 52.8%
Ast/Gm 20.8 25.2

The play of the starters has been stellar during the hot streak, as all five starters have improved both their field goal percentage and effective field goal percentage. Four of the five starters have increased their scoring, and the only one that didn't (Eric Gordon) has simply become a much more efficient and effective player.

Clippers Starters
Player First 26 Games Last 15 Games
Pts FG% eFG% Pts FG% eFG%
Blake Griffin 20.3 50.2% 50.2% 26.9 55.5% 56.4%
Eric Gordon 24.1 44.9% 48.8% 23.4 49.8% 57.6%
Baron Davis 8.3 34.9% 37.7% 13.5 45.1% 49.7%
DeAndre Jordan   5.7 65.3% 65.3% 9.1 68.4% 68.4%
Ryan Gomes 7.1 38.3% 44.9% 8.7 43.1% 50.0%

After shooting 26.7% from distance in the first 26 games, Gordon has drained 46.5% three-pointers in his last 15 games. The Clippers have lost four straight games in Portland, but if they play offense like they have been of late there is a very good chance that streak gets snapped tonight.

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