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Clippers Vs. Heat: Miami Approaching NBA Road Record

The Los Angeles Clippers have their hands full tonight as the red-hot Miami Heat come to town, looking to plunder another village along the way to (they hope) the NBA Finals. It was much more fun when the Heat were floundering at 9-8, rendering Jeff Van Gundy's all too ambitious prediction of 74 wins this season all but impossible. Well, since then Miami has ripped off 21 wins in 22 games, including winning their last nine games.

Miami has won their last 13 road games in a row, and have been laying waste to opponents. In their 13 straight road wins, Miami has outscored opponents 104.2 to 90.5, on average. Their road streak is nearing in NBA record:

Longest NBA Road Winning Streaks
Team Year Streak Season Result
Los Angeles Lakers
1971-1972 16 NBA Champs
Utah Jazz 1994-1995 15 Lost First Round
Miami Heat
1996-1997 14 Lost Conference Finals
Miami Heat
2010-2011 13 ???
Philadelphia 76ers
2000-2001 13 Lost NBA Finals
Boston Celtics
1964-1965 13 NBA Champs

However, Miami was taken to overtime in each of their last two games, so perhaps they are human after all.

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