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Angels Looking For New Home, According To Report

A renewal of the Angels' current lease would keep the team at Angel Stadium until 2029, but it appears that the club might not be opposed to moving.


With an Angel Stadium lease that expires in 2016, the Los Angeles Angels might be looking for a new home, according to a report from the Los Angeles Daily News.

Angels officials have had preliminary talks about moving the Major League Baseball franchise from Anaheim to Industry, according to a source with close ties to Industry City Hall.

The Los Angeles Angels of The City Of Industry?

Under the Angels current lease in Anaheim, the team would have to renew their agreement until 2029 or look for a new home. Officials at Majestic Realty Co. are currently working on bringing an NFL team to Industry, but have stated that they are open to building a baseball stadium instead, according to a source cited in the Los Angeles Daily News report.

Angels Vice President of Communications Tim Mead would not comment on the rumor.

Rob Neyer has put together an interesting collection of caveats and facts about the matter over at Baseball Nation.

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