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Dan Haren To Determine Angels' Plans Before Trade Deadline

The Los Angeles Angels have made their move in the American League West the last couple of weeks, and now they're eagerly awaiting the return of right-handed pitcher Dan Haren from the disabled list. Haren has not pitched well for most of 2012, but the club still hopes his stint on the 15-day DL will correct whatever mechanical flaws he previously had.

The trade deadline is a little more than two weeks away. According to the Angels, they'll see how Haren progresses in the the coming days and will evaluate their plans for any potential trades at that point.

Here's the latest from the Los Angeles Times:

"I think we should have a clear indication of what our rotation is going to look like over the next few weeks," Dipoto said. "But like I've said before, the best moves we can make are internal, getting a healthy Dan Haren back and getting Ervin Santana pitching the way he can."

What if only one, or if neither, of those things happen?

"We'll assess it as we go and create contingency plans, but the early returns on Dan is that he's coming along really well," Dipoto said. "Dan Haren is an All-Star performer, a guy who has gotten Cy Young votes. We couldn't make a more impactful addition than getting a healthy Dan Haren back. Early indications are that this was a road bump for him, and that excites me."

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