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Albert Pujols Willing To Play Third Base During Interleague Play

The Los Angeles Angels are willing to try anything to get their lineup back on track. Despite a rough first month of the season, the club does appear to be showing signs of life this past week. With a few interleague series coming up -- and in-turn a few games without a DH in the lineup -- there have been talks of Albert Pujols moving to third base.

Who would benefit from Pujols playing third? Whose idea was it for the possible position change? We investigate after the jump.

From a couple of tweets courtesy of Bill Plunkett:

And another:

Certainly something interesting to watch for in the coming weeks. The Angels play just two interleague series on the road (@ LAD, @ Colorado) following this weekend's matchup with the Padres, and neither of those games are until mid-June.

Pujols played seven games at 3B in 2011 with the Cardinals, making four starts in spot duty. He hasn't played the position regularly since 2002.

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