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Torii Hunter Placed On Restricted List Due To Personal Reasons

The Los Angeles Angels placed Torii Hunter on the restricted list on Monday afternoon. Though, the team stated Hunter was placed on the list for personal reasons. Outfielder Ryan Langerhans will be called up from Triple-A Salt Lake to take Hunter's spot in the Angels' active roster.

Though not officially stated, this move likely corresponds with Monday's arrest of Hunter's 17-year old son, Darius McClinton-Hunter involving sexual assault charges per Deadspin.

According to a local news report from NBCFDW, NBC's Dallas Fort-Worth affiliate, the alleged assault was reported one month ago. Torii Hunter and the Angels have yet to officially comment on the situation.

Four of those arrested are charged with sexual assault of a child and the fifth is charged with unlawful restraint, McHone said. Two of those arrested are adults, 17-year-old Garrick White and 17-year-old Darius McClinton-Hunter. Both White and Hunter are both charged with sexual assault of a child, a 2nd-degree felony.

It is unknown when Hunter will rejoin the Angels — the team begins a three-game series against the Oakland A's on Monday.

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