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Angels Release Bobby Abreu

After losing their fifth straight game against the Cleveland Indians on Friday night, the Los Angeles Angels dropped a bombshell that is likely to stun baseball fans and analysts all over the country, as they officially parted ways with Bobby Abreu

From the official press release:

The Angels Friday announced that Bobby Abreu has been released from the club's Major League roster. Tonight's transaction was made by club General Manager Jerry Dipoto.

This was Abreu's fourth season with the Halos. During Spring Training this year, Abreu vocally expressed his desire to receive either more playing time or a trade. An attempted trade just before the season fell through at the last minute and things seemed smoothed over for the time being, before this announcement.

Angels fans have been extremely displeased at the way the 2012 season has started and have been calling for change, but this is probably not the change they were hoping for or expecting.

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