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Freeway Series, Angels Vs. Dodgers: Halos Have Dominated In Recent Years

Not that exhibition games count in the standings or anything, but the Los Angeles Angels have owned the Los Angeles Dodgers in the Freeway Series of late. The annual exhibition series began 50 years ago Monday with an Angels' victory over the Dodgers in Palm Springs.

The two teams didn't play from 1965-1968, in 1972, or in 1980. Then the two teams put their traditional end-of-spring matchup on hold from 2000-2002. The two teams resumed their exhibition series in 2003, with the Dodgers winning both games. But starting in 2004, it has been all Angels:

  • 2004: Angels 3, Dodgers 0
  • 2005: Angels 3, Dodgers 0
  • 2006: Angels 1, Dodgers 0 (two ties)
  • 2007: Angels 2, Dodgers 1
  • 2008: one tie in their only game
  • 2009: Dodgers 1, Angels 0
  • 2010: Angels 2, Dodgers 0
  • 2011: Angels 2, Dodgers 0

That's 18 games in eight years, and the Angels are 13-2-3 in those contests. They lead the all-time spring exhibition series with the Dodgers 58-44-3.

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