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Angels Spring Training 2012: Bruce Bochy Has Angels Scout Ejected From Giants Practice

Just when you thought the heated rivalry between the San Francisco Giants and the Los Angeles Angels was destined to become a thing of the past, something wonderful comes along and fans the flames.

The Associated Press reports that Angels scout Jeff Schugel was observing the Giants run drills and was taking notes on Wednesday morning when Giants manager Bruce Bochy noticed him and took exception.

Media reports said Angels scout Jeff Schugel was taking notes during the Giants' routine drills when he was told to leave the ballpark.

Schugel didn't immediately leave. He walked down the first base line and sat in the stands before being escorted from the park.

"In 25 years, I've never had that happen to me," Schugel said.

An Angels spokesman later said that Schugel was informed he can go back to the ballpark on Thursday. The scout was within his rights and all parties involved are playing it up as a "miscommunication."

Let's not let this keep us from fanning the flames of the rivalry, however.

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