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5 Questions With Angels Prospect Mike Trout [VIDEO]

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim youngster Mike Trout is in an interesting spot. He's obviously one of the best young players in the game, and is more than ready for the Show. But he doesn't really have a spot in the lineup at the moment, meaning that he will likely start the season in the minors barring any injuries. But Trout isn't really sweating it as he recently told ESPN's Angels writer Mark Saxon, who had five burning questions to ask the Angels future in the making.

Make the jump to see for yourself.

Here Saxon asks Trout all about how his Srping has been going and how he feels his workouts have been coming along. He also asks Trout about what it's like dealing with the pressures and stigmas of being touted as one of the best prospects currently in the game.

Even though he will be in the minors to start the season, that doesn't mean he still can't come up and win Rookie of the Year, which Buster Posey did for the Giants back in 2010.

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