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Spring Training 2012: Mike Scioscia, Angels Support Expanded Playoffs

Major League Baseball announced that the playoffs will be conducted differently beginning in 2012. There will now be two Wild Card berths in each league, with a one-game play-in to see who will advance to the League Division Series. The Los Angeles Angels are heartily in favor of the move.

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Bill Shaikin of the Los Angeles Times caught up to the Angels at Spring Training in Arizona and got comments from the team regarding their thoughts on the new playoff system.

"I'm excited," Angels Manager Mike Scioscia said, "because I think it leans more heavily on the integrity of the season than the old system."

"I love it," Angels pitcher Dan Haren said of the new system. "There's more incentive to win the division, and it puts the wild card at a slight disadvantage, which is the right thing.

I'm not sure exactly how the new system "leans more on the integrity of the season" when the fourth-best team in the league will play 162 games in order to be sent home by losing just one, but we'll give Scioscia the benefit of the doubt. A slightly longer baseball season is never a bad thing.

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