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Angels Spring Training 2012: Bobby Abreu Meets With Mike Scioscia Over Comments

There was a bit of a stir at Los Angeles Angels camp in Tempe in Saturday morning, as disgruntled designated hitter Bobby Abreu was called into a meeting with manager Mike Scioscia and general manager Jerry Diptoto, regarding comments Abreu made to a Venezuelan newspaper.

Jon Heyman of CBS Sports reported that the comments stemmed from Abreu objecting to a comment from Scioscia that the manager would try to find 400 at-bats this season for Abreu, who is making $9 million.

"I've learned not to have much confidence in these people, but I hope they live up to what they told me,'' Abreu said to Billy Russo of Lider en Deportes "How long am I going to have to prove to people what I am, and what I am able to do? At times it's like the work one does doesn't get appreciated, but here I am and we'll continue to fight.''

The Angels already tried to trade Abreu, reportedly coming to an agreement with the New York Yankees for pitcher A.J. Burnett, only to have Burnett exercise his no-trade clause. It seems unlikely Abreu will find enough at-bats with the Angels, who are crowded in both the outfield, with Vernon Wells, Peter Bourjos, Torii Hunter, and Mike Trout waiting in the wings, and at designated hitter, where Kendrys Morales figures to get the majority of at-bats with Mark Trumbo mixed in as well.

However, this all may be much ado about nothing, as Scioscia told Mike DiGiovanna of the Los Angeles Times that Abreu's comments were actually three weeks old, and that "it is not an issue."

We'll see how much of an issue this is once the regular season starts and Abreu sits a few games in a row on the bench.

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