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Angels Ace Race Up For Grabs

With the track record of Jered Weaver's successful regular seasons juxtaposed with his terrible Spring Training track record, fans can be forgiven for still considering him the Angels ace as he slowly works out the winter rust with lackluster spring starts. Weaver has allowed 7 hits and 3 ER in 3.2 IP this Spring. He was pulled after exceeding a pitch limit in the second inning of his second start.

The same sympathy need not be applied to Dan Haren who struck out 7 batters in his 3 IP against the Diamondbacks on Tuesday. That makes 10 K in just 5 IP this spring.

While C.J. Wilson has had more of a pitch to contact Cactus League, like Haren he has yet to allow a run this Spring.

Ervin Santana makes his second start of the season on Wednesday. Don't count him out for three good innings as the peer pressure may me more intense than the gameday butterflies.