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MLB Trade Rumors 2012: Bobby Abreu Requests Trade

Bobby Abreu is an outfielder for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, and he's still quite good. At age 37, his best days are well behind him though. Abreu's numbers were at a career low last season and it figures to only get worse as time goes by and he gets older.

Abreu seems ready to get moving on and try it out somewhere else. Alden Gonzalez of reports that Abreu wants a trade out of Anaheim.

"I spoke to Bobby a little more than a week ago, I'd say -- a week, 10 days ago -- and walked through his current situation, and Mike has had very similar conversations," Dipoto said. "So, Bobby is aware of the circumstances, he's aware of the people on the roster. We do see a fit for Bobby on this club, he's aware of where that fit is. It's not something that we're going to play it [out] in the media. ... Whether it's an ultimatum that's been issued, he has no right to do that."

Abreu, coming off his worst season, turns 38 in March and isn't expected to arrive at Spring Training until Sunday, when the rest of the position players report.

Abreu put up a batting average of .253, an OBP of .353, and a slugging percentage of .365 and had an OPS of .718, many of those career lows. The Angels might be willing to make a trade but they probably are selling low rather than high, making it difficult to get the best value for him.

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