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ESPN's Keith Law's Top 20 Impact Prospects: Mike Trout, OF Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

ESPN's Keith Law has been busy checking out all of Major League Baseball's top prospects (like every spring) and has been a big proponent of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim's Mike Trout, who he see's as the top prospect on his top 100 list.

But on his top 20 impact prospects list, Trout makes the list at only No. 7. Here's Law explaining why:

7. Mike Trout, CF | Top 100 rank -- 1: They can't really send him back to Triple-A, can they? He might be the best overall outfielder on the 40-man roster, and once the Angels feel comfortable sending some of their dead weight to the bench, he'll be up and ready to add value on defense and on the bases, although I wouldn't expect much power in the near term.

With outfielders aged 38 (Bobby Abreu) 37 (Torri Hunter), and 34 (Vernon Wells) on the current roster there is definitely some 'dead weight' in the outfielder that could use the legs of a 21 year old like Trout to carry off. Hopefully his stay in AAA won't be long.

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