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Mike Trout snubbed from winning Gold Glove Award

Angels outfielder Mike Trout wasn't able to win a Gold Glove, as he was snubbed in favor of Adam Jones of the Baltimore Orioles.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

During the Gold Glove announcements on ESPN2 on Tuesday night, Angels outfielder Mike Trout was snubbed for an AL Gold Glove in favor of Adam Jones of the Baltimore Orioles. Here are the comparisons between both of the center fielders. Here are the fielding numbers for both Trout and Jones courtesy of Baseball Reference.

Jones had played 1458 innings on the field this season. Trout played in 1225 innings.

Jones finished a fielding percentage of .982. Trout had a fielding percentage of .988.

Jones had 439 putouts, and Trout had 340 overall.

Jones finished with a range factor of 2.75, which is way above the league range factor of 2.16/2.17 for an outfielder. Trout finished with a range factor of 2.47.

It should be noted that Jones played exclusively in center field. Trout played 110 games at center but also spent some a good chunk of his time in left, with 67 games including in-game switches betwen pitchers.