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Torii Hunter Gets Trapped In Oxygen Chamber For Over an Hour

Torii Hunter of the Los Angeles Angles of Anaheim was looking for a little R&R after their 7-3 loss to the Rangers on Tuesday night, and headed to the team's oxygen chamber to relax. Unfortunately for Hunter their was no one around to release him from his oxygen oubliette, and was trapped in there for over an hour. Luckily, twitter gave us everything we need to know about his temporary confinement, and maybe even a little more than we would have liked to know. Make the jump to find out all about Torii's adventure!

First off, here is some physical proof of Torri in the chamber, hanging out with what looks to be an aromatherapy pillow. Not too long into his adventure, Torii realizes that he might be in here for a while:

At the stadium zipped up in an oxygen chamber and there is no one around to let me out. I have to use the restroom. LET ME OUT!!    

From here, Torii recognizes that he is going to have a problem if he doesn't get out soon, or come up with something to relieve him of his troubles:

Still trapped but I'm ok know. Used a Gatorade bottle. Hope I don't get thirsty. Awww that's nasty! Lol    

After about an hour or so, Torii was finally released from his oxygen prison, but left a little something behind for good measure:

Finally someone came to my rescue. I just want to thank u guys in twitter world for hearing my cry. I forgot my Gatorade in the tank. Oh well hope nobody drinks it. Lol...

Moral of the story kids? Don't go in the oxygen chamber unless someone is around to let you out.