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Jered Weaver Opens All-Star Game With Scoreless Inning

Jered Weaver was named to his second All-Star team this season, but this was the first time he got to actually pitch in the game. Weaver started the 2011 MLB All-Star Game at Chase Field in Phoenix, the first Angels pitcher to start an All-Star Game since Mark Langston in 1993. Weaver pitched one scoreless inning, retiring three of the four batters he faced:

  • 2B Rickie Weeks: ground out to first base (0-2 pitch; three pitches)
  • DH Carlos Beltran: struck out swinging on 76 mph changeup (2-2; five pitches)
  • CF Matt Kemp: walked on five pitches
  • 1B Prince Fielder: flew out to left field on first pitch

Weaver threw 14 pitches, eight for strikes, and was relieved by David Robertson of the Yankees. Josh Beckett of the Red Sox was scheduled to follow Weaver, but Beckett experienced left knee soreness during warmups and was scratched.

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