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Angels Gone In New York Minute

It didn’t take long for the New York Mets to put the game out of reach from the Los Angeles Angels. By the fifth inning, the Mets already had a 6-0 lead. The Angels did manage one run in the sixth, but there was no comeback in them as the game ended 6-1.

Mike Pelfrey got the complete game, giving up five hits with five strikeouts. The home run was one of two extra base hits given up by Pelfrey, who only twice had to pitch with a runner in scoring position. Carlos Beltran hit his tenth home run of the season, off Dan Haren in the fifth inning with one runner on.

Trumbo scored the Angels lone run, with his one out sixth inning home run off of Pelfry. Mike Sciocia took full advantage of the NL rules, using a double switch to keep Trumbo in the game. The home run was Trumbo’s twelfth of the year.